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2014-11-01 17:30:33 by ROUGE

That is all

Apocosausage -> Rouge

2014-05-06 15:26:05 by ROUGE

So i decided to get my name changed to rouge for various reasons blahblahblah... there is a new youtube channel set up at, i will be posting some exclusive music there as well as some gaming/joke videos from time to time!

Dat Techno Stuff

2014-04-16 10:26:07 by ROUGE

So i can make some pretty decent techno music now, so, i think im gonna stick with that.


2014-03-11 12:48:45 by ROUGE

So it appears my style of making music is repetative and upbeat, this got me thinking, why not loops? why dont i make loops instead, so imma gonna try & do just that, with a little help from The UMVC3 Soundtrack